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A Special Tea Experience

For the Japanese, tea isn't just a hot, healthy beverage.


What makes drinking tea special for the Japanese is the inner peace and harmony that enjoying tea brings through different temperatures and tastes that even for an instant, simplifies life within a complex set of rules and practices that makes up daily Japanese society. 


Sangoya welcomes you to take part in a tea tasting experience that will bring you as close to that sensation as possible.


Over 90 minutes, take the special journey 


Mr.Hisayoshi Kuroda

A certified tea ceremony master, for more than 10 years, Mr.Hisayoshi Kuroda will certainly deliver to you the experience you have come to hope for, just as he delivers to his Japanese clientele who demand absolute perfection.

What's On Offer?

  • Not just an authentic Japanese room, but a specifically designated tea room overlooking a Japanese garden

  • 4 kinds of tea served at different intervals and different temperatures.

  • A seasonal sweet to perfectly complement the teas and climate

  • Explanations and protocol of the tea ceremony (Plenty of allowances for foreign guests who are taking part for the first time)

Enjoy with a seasonal Japanese sweet Delicacy

A traditional Japanese sweet is served to complement the tea and climate of the season that meets Japanese high standards for experienced tea ceremony participants.


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